Nisseki Dash Racer 100

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Yokohama 230-0033 JAPAN

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1969 Type3 AT Variant

1969 Year model
Made in Germany LHD
Chassis Number;
Floor Automatic
5LUG Original Wheel
15inch White ribbon radial tire
NEW Over top muffler
NEW Cooler Unit

Door Panel:
Seat Cover:

NEW L568 Seasand paint
Off White/ Grey stripe OG door panel
NOS Grey/ Grey stripe seat
NEW Off White perforated headliner
NEW Salt & Paper loop carpet
All NEW Window & Door rubbers
NEW Stain Body & Rocker moal
NEW Rechrom bumper & guards rubber
NEW 1641cc Engine rebuilt 0 mile


Original condition ’69 Automatic, Sunroof Variant based ’64 1500S style convert.
We changed front fender to 64-65 NOS, early fuel tank, doors, rear gate and make 1500S style then painted L568 Seasand color.
For interior.
 New original style Off White perfprated.
 Good used 64-65 Off White top, grey stripe bottom two piece door panel.
 Make NOS Grey/ Grey stripe seat cover and installed.
 New Salt & Paper loop carpet.
Front spndle to drum are changed to 5 LUG 64-65 Type3 brake system also changed to rear drum.
1641cc dual port rebuilt engine by TOA and installed NOS Solex twin carb system and cooler unit.
1500S Style cool full Automatic & Sunroof Squareback is easy & fun drive on beach line.

Let’s play VWs Magazine future.