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Wouldn't you like to have your own style painted car?
The car we have in our factory are in original condition.
We can provide customization to our customer's desired color, as well as interior customization. We have 15 different colors for our customers to choose from.
You can choose your own color from
Top color
Bottom color (for two color customzations)

Door panel
Seat cover
TMI smoothbynal
Basket wave
You can make your one and only car exactly to your design!!!

All our cars have rubber mats already so you don't need to worry about that!!
Wuth the rubbers, such as window panel, doors, and cargo room, we sell it in all new condition.
With the bumpers, you can choose from American style (Double Bumpers), or European style (Single bumpers).
The wheels, we can also paint it with new wheel hub caps.
We also provide all new headlights, front window glass, door mirrors, and front emblem just for you!
Buyers have a choice of engines with new batteries.
The floors will be done with black chassis and undercoat manufactured with bow not cover fence.
Break, Suspension, Electronic, Engine, and all maintenance for registration for 3 years in Japan.

'64~'67 11Window BUS ¥ASK
'64~'67 13Window DX BUS ¥ASK

~'63 11W、15W、21W、23W、Panel、Pickup ¥ASK

Bay Window (Late BUS)
Body Color order
Interior color order

'68~'71 Bay Window BUS ¥ASK

Optional orders
Eingine overhaul High performance engine
NEW Electronics parts Original style interior

Steering gearbox overhaul

Transmission overhaul
Front drop spindle Rear suspention low down
Straight axle shaft Update IRS suspension
Air condition Bebasto heater install
Please ask for other special customization  

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