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'69 Type3 AT Square Back   ワーゲン (タイプ3) バリアント オートマ 1969 Type3 AT Variant  
Volkswagen Type3 Variant
L90A Royal Red
Easy to drive, New paint & refresh all new interior Full Automatic Squareback. 3yr shaken
¥2,630,000 Check detail
'67 Type3 Square Back   ワーゲン (タイプ3) バリアント 1967 Type3 Variant  
Volkswagen Type3 Variant
L87 Pearl White
BF Goodrich White ribbon daily drive condition and original style finished interior Variant. 2yr shaken.
¥2,230,000 Check detail
'63 Type3 Square Back   ワーゲン (タイプ3) バリアント 1963 Type3 Variant  
Volkswagen Type3 Variant
L390 Gulf Blue
California based import completely detailed super rare to find early model Squareback. 3yr shaken.
¥2,780,000 Check detail
'69 Type3 Fastback   ワーゲン (タイプ3) ファストバック 1969 Type3 Fastback  
Volkswagen Type3 Fastback
L620 Savanna Beige
Original paint patina Cal Looker & original style clean interior Fastback. 2yr shaken.
¥1,780,000 Check detail
'65 Type3 Notchback   ワーゲン (タイプ3) ノッチバック 1965 Type3 1500S Notchback    
Volkswagen Type3 Notchback
L539 Baltic Blue
Completely new paint & original style new interior. 1600cc rebuilt engine & 12V converted 1500S Notchback.
2yr shaken.
¥2,250,000 Check detail
'64 Type2 11W BUS   ワーゲンバス (タイプ2) 11ウィンドウ 1970 Type1 Beetle Bug    
Volkswagen Beetle (Type1)
L90D Pastel White
Originally Yanase imported LHD 77400Km original mileage original interior awesome condition Beetle. 2 yr shaken
¥1,880,000 Check detail


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