Nisseki Dash Racer 100

TOA International
2-100-1 Asahi-cho Tsurumi-ku
Yokohama 230-0033 JAPAN

Tel: 045-501-0797
Fax: 045-507-0530


Since 1987, TOA International has been specializing in importing Type 3 and type 2 (VW Bus) with no rusts or dents in good condition for the Japanese market.
We mainly import from California (USA, Japan and Europe.

Our company's factory has many vehicles in stock.

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Access by Train :  
  1. Take JR Keihin Tohoku line. Get off at Turumi station. On east exit. Or take Keihin-kyuko line and get off at Keikyu Turumi station

    Then take the bus going to Yokohama-shiei #15 circulation line. Get off at Ohigashi bus stop.

    After getting off at this bus stop, You will see Maruetsu Super market.
    Then walk straight along the street for 2 min.
    You will see a VW logo.
Access by Auto (Coming from (by using) Shuto Kousoku (Metropolitan Expressway)
◎Coming from Tokyo
  1. Get off at Sioiri exit (#155)
    Make a u-turn at the first light and then turn left.
    Then at the sign for "Ohigashi-cho", turn right and drive about 300m.
◎Coming from Yokohama
  1. Get off at Namamugi exit (#154). Then, just go straight heading to Tokyo
  2. For about 3km to 4km, after seeing Shuto Kosoku Sioiri exit, turn left at the next light.
    And at the Ohigashi machi light, turn right.
    Then drive for about 300m. You will see our shop.
Access by Auto (Coming from (by using) Kokudo
◎Coming from Tokyo
  1. After crossing the Tamagawa river (for about 5-6km)
    You will come across to Gomu dori-iriguchi
    Then, you wil turn left
    After turning left you will turn left again at the 3rd lights at Seven Eleven.
    Then you will see Ohigashi light and turn left
    After turning left, for 300m you will drive along the street
    And on the left side, you will see our shop
◎Coming from Yokohama
  1. After coming across to Namamugi
    You will see Daikoku Futou Iriguchi
    Then Turn right
    Then drive along under the Shuto Kosoku and turn left leading to the Tokyo.
    For drive about 3-4 km
    After coming across to Shioiri Iriguchi
    Turn left at second lights
    Then at Ohigashi-machi light, turn right for about 300m
    And you will see our shop on the left side.

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