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Now, here is a question we would like to ask you.
Is it possible to run an Air-cooled Volkswagen in a 1/4mile in just few seconds?

The answer is YES!

Since 1992, TOA Racing Division has been challenged in the USA Arizona Phoenix Bug-O-Rama, Pro Eliminator class in first entry after USA PRA.
And history goes on...

In 1994, PRA Good Guys,
1st Race car, '68 T-3 Fastback (Old Bug-In race car from Competition Engineering).
We went to the semi-final.
In May 1994, Bug-O-Rama Sacramento.
We were able to go to the finals and learned the HOW-TO process and brought it back to Japan to improve the PRA Pro Stock for regulation.
In 1994, we became the champion in PRAJapan Pro Stock
In 1995, Super American Festival VW King, we were able to get in the USA competition as well at the same time we became 3rd in Pro Stock series.

Since 1996, we participated in the Super Street Class only in the US.
In 1999 seriesm we were able to get the pole position.

Since then, we have been learing how to drive, how to engineer the engine, and how to race.

In 2011, we prepared and improved a '62 Notchback, the sleepers within 10 years. And in the Mooneyes Christmas in Irwindale, we were able to drive through it. After all these experiences, we finally won the 2011 Drag Day Quick 16 class.

Because of these results, we are able to feedback this expertise back to the street use VOLKSWAGEN cars our customers buy from us.


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